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                POPE BASEBALL - CATCH THE SPIRIT!               

The Diamond Girls are an integral part of the Pope Baseball program.
They provide an invaluable service through their operation of the
concession stand, raise spirit for baseball throughout the school
with game signs and baseball boards, volunteer through hospitality
at games and events, and enthusiastically support the players in many capacities.

Your 2016 Diamond Girls

Bottom Row: Left to right
Hannah Gould, Rachel Waters, Olivia Shapiro, Dyan Szall, Kara Litwin, Jasmine Hau, Katie Chiara, Ashely Digiovanni, Sydney Pennington
Top Row: Left to right
Mrs. Kendall, Bridget Helms, Audrey Johnson, Margarida Jackson Lee, Catherine Kinzler, Emily Danbom, Alicia Culberson, Hannah Robertson, Molly Armitage, Mrs. Kitchens