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Because of supply chain and shipping issues, we have decided to offer families 2 options to purchase spirit wear:
1.  You can purchase spirit wear NOW, but if you do so, our supplier is only able to offer last season’s logo/design.  You will see those designs in the store link provided.      
2.  You can also purchase spirit wear in January, AFTER teams have been selected.  If you choose this option, the logo/design will be updated.  While we can’t provide the exact mock up with the Pope Greyhound logo, please click on the attached PDF and refer to Design F to see a similar one that was made for UGA.  Please note that we can not guarantee that the supplier will also have the availability to offer last season’s logo/design in January.
If you choose to purchase spirit wear NOW,  the spirit wear store is available on line on the link attached below.  Here are just a few pointers about the website and how it will work:
  • Store is currently open and will remain open until Monday, November 15, at 11:59pm.  At midnight, the store will close.
  • It is our hope that orders placed by 11/15 will be received before Christmas, but this is not guaranteed.  
  • Pay close attention to the description of each garment, as multiple items are gender-specific (men’s, women’s and youth), or have multiple colors as options.
  • Some of the brands are new and/or unknown as our our supplier did their best to pick items that were in stock.
  • Items will be shipped directly to you (you will be prompted to provide a home address).
  • PLEASE remember to label everything you order for your player because every year items get lost or misappropriated.
We will open the store again in January with the updated logo/design after teams are selected.
Feel free to email or call me with any questions.
Thank you and enjoy your remaining weeks of 2021!!
Amy Urowsky