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Code of Conduct

Pope Baseball Conduct Contract
  1. I will make the choice not to place myself in compromising situations in the Classroom/ School, which would lead me to break rules established by the teacher or by the Cobb County School Districts Student Handbook.
  2. I will make the choice not to partake in behavior that could lead to the embarrassment of my teammates, my coaches, my family, Pope High School, the Pope High School Baseball Program, and most importantly MYSELF!
  3. I will make the choice not to place myself in compromising situations which could possibly lead me to making a decision that would be harmful to myself or lead me to break a law of the United States, State of Georgia, or municipality that I am currently in. 
  4. I will make the choice not to consume alcoholic beverages and I will choose not to use illegal drugs, including smoking cigarettes.
  5.  I will be committed to the Pope High School Baseball program. I will attend all functions, all practices, and all games.
  6. I will make the choice to give my best effort everyday in the classroom as well as on the baseball field.
Life is about making choices. You have two ways you can go in any situation. Your parents have taught you what is right and what is wrong. You coaches reinforce making good decisions and the “Do Right” concept everyday. It is up to you to make good choices and comply with the above conditions. Failure to make good choices will result in consequences that could even result in an immediate dismissal from the Pope Baseball Team!
I will choose to “Do Right” and
Make good decisions. My teammate           _____________________________
can count on me.                                                         Player Signature
I hereby understand, the guidelines                      _______________________________     
to which my son had committed to follow.              Parent (1) Signature         
                                                                                         Parent (2) Signature