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Pope High School Baseball
Grounds-for-Hounds Coffee Fundraiser
Booster Club Meeting
October 22, 2012
Grounds-for-Hounds is a coffee fundraiser for the Pope High School Baseball program. It has proven to be a successful fundraiser for many years. It is comprised of two activities; sidewalk sales and individual player pre-sales. You can download order forms HERE.
1. Sidewalk Sales
A. Sell for three weekends (Saturday & Sunday) starting October 26 at IHOP, Goldberg’s, J. Christopher’s and Biscuits & More.  Sidewalk sales end November 10 with money and envelopes due to Coach Rowland on November 18.
B. Two hour shifts per day with two players and one parent both working each shift. Each family is limited to one shift to allow for the maximum numbers of families to participate. If all slots are not taken, we will open up the remaining slots to those who have already signed up in order to fill the slots.
C. Check in with business owner/manager when you arrive and set up card table outside.  When your shift is complete, tell the owner/manager, thank you.  If you are the second shift supervising parent, you will take the card table, cash box and any leftover coffee with you at the end of the shift.
D. At close of shift, write the number of bags sold on the form provided and leave the matching money for those bags in the cash box. You may have a “non-matching” amount as sometimes people will provide a donation vs. a purchase. Please make a note if this occurs.
E. Soliciting should not be “hard sales”.  Simply ask patrons as they approach the business if they would like to purchase coffee in support of Pope High School Baseball.  If they decline, say thank you and that is it.  DO NOT push for them to buy. If they do purchase, thank them for their support.
F. We have regular and decaf coffee for sale which comes in a 12 ounce bag.  It is Breakfast Blend and the cost per bag is $10.00
G. Zezette Fortune will arrange to get the coffee, cash box and card table to the first shift each day. This will be done through contact with the supervising parent for first shift.  Coordination will be made with the second shift supervising parent to pick up the table, cash box and any left over coffee.
H. The money collected will be equally split between the two players.  This amount goes toward the player’s contribution towards the Booster Club. For example, a shift sold $200 total, each player gets $100 toward Booster Club. If a shift sold $150 total, each player gets $75 toward Booster Club.
I.            The sidewalk sales will count towards the $900 player goal.
J.            Sidewalk sales do not take the place of the 25 individual bags
2. Individual Player Pre-Sale of Coffee
A. Players should sell to family, friends, neighbors, etc.  It is a gourmet breakfast blend and makes a great holiday gift.  We ask each player to be responsible for selling 25 bags.  Start today!!
B. All orders are due to Coach Rowland no later than Monday, November 18, 2013.  Please turn in your total of bags Order Form along with the corresponding funds for those bags.  We ask that the family please write a check for the total amount you are ordering.  If you receive a check from someone, please have it payable to the family so you can write the one check.
C. You may also take a bag with you tonight if you like to have it to show as you are selling. Please let someone know if you take a bag as all are accounted for.
D. There are two forms to take with you tonight.
1. PRE-SALE FORM – To record the names to whom you sell the coffee to. This form should be kept by the player for distribution when the coffee arrives.
2. ORDER FORM – This is the form to turn into Coach Rowland with the total number of bags you are ordering and money for each bag ordered. Please remember the turn in date to Coach Rowland is Monday, November 18th. This date is firm as we have to place the order to receive the coffee in time to distribute.
E. Coffee will be distributed on Saturday, December 14 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Pope Cafeteria during Reebok Shoe Day.  Everyone who has ordered should pick up their coffee during this time.
F. There will be cash prizes for the top three individual sellers. Players will receive 100% credit toward their Booster Club contribution.
  • 1st Prize $100
  • 2nd Prize $50
  • 3rd Prize $25
G. There will also be a drawing for a Reebok Gift Card for all players who sell above 30 bags.